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Way to the Home, or Way of the Home

  • This is the name of my mother's businnes. She is a realtor.
  • Ecology. House administration.
  • Our Earth planet is our Home.
  • We trace our ways inside our own dwelling.
  • It is something like being in the same place, and, besides it, to have many vistas (views).
  • The Universe may be understood as our Home, our Greater House.
  • This is also our way.
  • With how many vistas!
This name homeway, I have chosen to name the idea of a multiplicity that comes from the unity..
Or something like a way to the home with so many vistas.

Fluid code is a concept of applying in a generalizing way:
  • the development seen by a programmer;
  • the project seen by the architect or engineer;
  • the research done made by the scientist;
  • the report seen by the reporter;
  • the song seen by the singer;

and so on, in a fluid-codely way since the source and the matter, the own process, in the byproducts including all the product and all the outspreads.
One characteristic of the fluid code is to aproximate the raw matterial, the original matter, in its most simple and vulgar way to the elevated human spirit, without embargoes, or gaggings.
This the reason for the fluid adjectiv. With the meaning of flowing, to pass through.
The fluid code as concept is different from a liquid, for example. The liquid does not have the ability to pass through certains obstacles.
By other side, the fluid code, through its bridges, unify matter and the living being through harmonious and equlibrated links.
Enumerating some examples:

  • slots in a vinyl disc being transformed in sound at the loud-speaker, commoving a person with a song;
  • computer bits, turning into letters, composing a businnes letter to realize a dream;
  • a set of raw matterials and services, forming a building and giving a home.
This last example, is a link that may be done between the fluid code and Way to the Home.

Principle of equilibrium that avoids that things disappear by exploding or by failing, that may be found in the previous items:
  • homeway - many vista in one way
  • fluid code - hard code, soft fluid
It is also present in this item.
The conformance generate laws, rules.
The freedom generates the diversity, the playful.
By balancing both we avoid the crazyness and wildness of the extremes.
We track our unavoidable way, having the most diverse views and experiences.
We create things with the things we have, with the soup of matter and spirit around and inside us.